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We buy, sell and restore quality used pool tables.  We also offer all types of related services including re-felting, moving and repairing (see our Services Page for more details).  We specialize in commercial quality Brunswick tables, but we also sell other well known brands.  The common thread is that all of our tables must meet the strict standards that we are known for.

Since our prices are also very reasonable, we turn over our inventory very quickly.  If you do not see a table that you are specifically looking for listed here for sale, please check back again or Contact Us with your request.

If you think that some of the prices listed here for our commercial quality tables are a little high, don't be mistaken.  These are excellent tables (either one owner or expertly restored to like-new condition)!  If you were to research similar quality models in the same condition, you will find that our tables sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars less than our competitors (e.g. Blatt Billiards).

We also very often come across and offer for sale very good home style tables and play great and will last for years to come.  A pool table is an investment; premium tables that are maintained will last decades.

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