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As an instructor, Karl brings two decades of professional experience to the table.  He is a winner of numerous pro tournaments including the Rhode Island, North Carolina and Brentwood Open (straight pool), Georgia 8 Ball Open and countless top ten finishes.

From basic fundamentals (and mechanics) to the finer points, Karl will guide you through the nuances of the game.  Private and small group lessons are available at reasonable prices.  Contact Us for details and to answer your questions.

English refined
Cue ball control
Game Strategies (including 1-Pocket)
Greatly increase the number of racks you can run in straight pool
Make you better and more consistent at 9-Ball (no matter what your current level of play)
Improve your 9-Ball break


   How to draw the cue ball
   Using English
   How to calculate a bank shot
   Cue tip and equipment recommendations
   Advanced bridging and difficult cue ball position play


     Learn proper stance
     Correct bridging & proper holding of the cue stick Stroke
     New cue stick purchase recommendations
     Proper use of mechanical bridge


No matter what your level of play (from beginner to advanced), we can dramatically improve your game!  Are you a great 9-ball player?  We can make you much better and greatly improve your winning percentage!  Can you run one or two racks in Straight Pool?  Well, we can show you how and give you the ability to run four of even more racks!!